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Four Roses Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

When we mentioned Four Roses Bourbon to an older pal of ours, he chirped, “Four Roses? Are they still around?”  Oh yes, we intoned, and they have a surprisingly wide range of Bourbons.

Here we are singing the praises of the most commonly found one of the bunch, often called “Yellow Label.”  It retails for $18 to $22 for a fifth.  This Bourbon has won awards—a Silver Award at the 2007 Whiskies of the World International Spirits Challenge, and a Best Bourbon 7 years and under at the 2010 World Whisky competition.

Wave this 80 proof Four Roses Bourbon under your nose and you’ll confront big corn and vanilla notes.  In the mouth it tastes of honey, charred barrel, pear, corn, and vanilla.  It is very enjoyable.  (Rating ****)

You can order a bottle from this retailer, and you can read more about Four Roses Bourbon at


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