Samples: Amstel Radler, Strongbow Gold Apple, and Strongbow Honey and Apple

Yippee—refreshing samples arrived today. Just in time, as the heat is on in Washington, DC. Read more at (Strongbow) and (Amstel Radler).

Share on German Beer: “Pure, Cheap, and a Bit Dull”

“But the truth is that Germans are going off their ale. At unification in 1990, annual consumption averaged 148 litres per head; last year it was just 107 litres. Instead, they are turning to wine, which has a higher status. Connoisseurs think there is another reason for falling sales: that so many German beers are […]


Flying Dog Dead Rise Old Bay Summer Ale

by Jacob Craft breweries are constantly evolving and becoming increasingly collaborative. Many breweries are actively seeking innovative ingredients that would never have been considered for a beer in the past and brewing new beers with other craft breweries and non-brewery partners. This summer, Flying Dog Brewery in Frederick, Maryland has done both by teaming up with Old Bay–the […]