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Flying Dog Dead Rise Old Bay Summer Ale

by Jacob Craft breweries are constantly evolving and becoming increasingly collaborative. Many breweries are actively seeking innovative ingredients that would never have been considered for a beer in the past and brewing new beers with other craft breweries and non-brewery partners. This summer, Flying Dog Brewery in Frederick, Maryland has done both by teaming up with Old Bay–the […]


Moody June American Dry Gin

The mercury is high—nearly 90 degrees. So a gin and tonic with a fat wedge of lime sounds right. We nosed Moody June next to Gordon’s London Dry Gin—Moody June is lemony and light on juniper while Gordon’s has a grapefruit aroma and firm pine.  One can easily sip this neat. While visiting New Orleans, […]


The Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery Milk Stout

Duck-Rabbit? Milk stout?  Yes, really. Although the beer geeks at RateBeer.com adore  it, this brew is not for everyone. Duck-Rabbit is a milk stout, which, as explained here, is a stout is made with “sweet and unfermentable lactose.” (Lactose=milk sugar.) Which is to say the flavor is peculiar. Sure, Duck-Rabbit shows familiar stout notes—chocolate, coffee, […]