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Domaine Charbay Double Barreled Hop Flavored Whiskey (Release One)

This cask strength sample weighs in at a massive 129.4 proof. It’s a unique product utilizing barley (think Scotch and Irish whiskey), flavored with hops, and aged in new American White Oak barrels. Best cut this whiskey with a bit of water; taking it straight likely will fry your palate. Sip it in and and you’ll find it’s nothing like scotch; rather, its the beastly brother of bourbon. It begins with an oddly herbal flavor, then shows a caramel note which is quite pleasant, followed by a dry barrel taste. Most peculiar. We’re not sure what to make of it. A bit of a flop, especially for $325 a bottle, we think. Perhaps that is why on Charbay’s website Marko of the distillery suggested serving it on ice. (Unrated)


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