Big Peat Islay Blended Malt Scotch Whisky

Big Peat Islay Blended Matlt Whisky

Spring officially arrived last night. The mercury hit the high 50s (Farenheit), and sun flooded today.

The night air, however, still carries a chill. And with a chest cold coming on, well, why not turn to Big Peat.

It is 92 proof and carries Big malts, most obviously Ardbeg. This is one to sip neat and slowly so as to fully appreciate the heft and multitude of flavors (iodine, peak, sea, etc.) Strictly speaking, this is a vatted whisky, meaning it is made from a combination of whiskies with no neutral grain spirit thrown in. A rare bird, indeed. (Rating: Excellent)



Moody June American Dry Gin

Moody June GinThe mercury is high—nearly 90 degrees.

So a gin and tonic with a fat wedge of lime sounds right.

We nosed Moody June next to Gordon’s London Dry Gin—Moody June is lemony and light on juniper while Gordon’s has a grapefruit aroma and firm pine.  One can easily sip this neat.

While visiting New Orleans, we saw this 84 proof gin in a number of high end restaurants and bars. No wonder—the packaging is slick, and the product is impressive. (Rating: Very Good)

Read more at, and you can try to order a bottle via


Highland Park 12-Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky


Ah, baby #4 arrived and all is well—so time to celebrate by finishing the last of this Highland Park 12-Year. It retails for $40-$60 a bottle. It is lightly peated and an approachable 86 proof (43% alcohol). The viscosity makes it pleasurable to swish about the mouth. Anyone looking for an example of what good Scotch tastes like should try Highland Park 12-Year Old Scotch Whisky. (Rating: Very Good)