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Scary Boozes In Ohio

We love Ohio. Really—we visit yearly. It has an incedible number of historical sites and parks, and the people are fantastically kind.  There also are growing microbrewing and microdistilling scenes.

On our more recent excursions, we have taken to poking about Ohio beverage store shelves to see what oddities we can find.  For example, last year we found Genesee tallboys for $1.19 a pop. Who knew this stuff was still available?  (Yes, we bought a few.)

This August, we found three truly unsettling items.

(1) Cream caramel and cherry flavored, alcohol-infused whipcreams…


(2) Chocovine (a red wine and chocolate mixture), and…


(3) Pinnacle Chocolate Cookie Dough Vodka. (Pinnacle also makes cake-flavored vodka.)



None of these three products, so far as we could tell, are made in Ohio.  And hopefully, when we return next year, these ghastly products will no longer be on the shelves.


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