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Genesee Beer!

Aaah, Ohio—where one can still get a 24 ounce can of Genesee for just $1.19 (before tax)!


3 thoughts on “Genesee Beer!

  1. It is not in anyway iaeglll to brew, ferment or distil alcohol at home long as you are of age and are not selling it for profit. Check out your local state laws and county laws. In TN an AL it is legal to brew, ferment, distil in small quantities (under 10 gallons for distilling, 100 for brew/wine) for personal consumption, and anyone can consume it at your house. when it comes to transporting or giving quantities away (giving is the key word) you can not give away an excess of 1 gallon to any one persons. That person also is not allowed to sell it. The government only has restrictions like this because they want their share of the profit (taxes) so you are more than welcome to sell it as long as you get the 5,000 dollar license and pay the taxes on any profit you accumulate.

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