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Zeus Juice Frozen Flavored Shots

A couple years back, some slick alco-popsicles arrived for review. We thought they were clever, though the effort to flavor them as mixed drinks didn’t always work.

Well, here we have a variation (or shall we say refinement?) on the frozen, boozey treat: ZEUS JUICE. Made by Triple Eight Distillers of Nantucket, Massachusetts, Zeus Juice comes in five flavors: Strawberry, Lime, Grape, Cherry, and Blue Raspberry. They come in nine-inch plastic sleeves and pack 8.2% alcohol. Just tear the top, stick it in your mouth, and WHOOSH out the icy treat with a slide of your index finger and thumb.

We preferred the Blue Raspberry above the others because it clobbers you with tartness. But don’t be surprised to see folks in Hades-hot nightclubs sucking back all these—they are chilling and refreshing. For more information on ZEUS JUICE, surf to


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