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Jewel of Russia Classic Vodka

An impressive vodka that comes in striking packaging (purportedly the bottle design is 300 years old).  Jewel of Russia Classic vodka is made from wheat and rye and undergoes “multiple” distillations (it’s not clear how many) and a “5-step slow-filtration process.” It is a dry vodka, very, very smooth with a little black pepper on the close.  Surprisingly soft in the mouth. (Rating ****1/2)  Jewel of Russia vodka comes to America via BMC Imports of New Canaan, Connecticut.

See if our retailer can sell you Jewel of Russia Classic vodka by clicking here.  Our retailer also sometimes carries Jewel of Russia Wild Bilberry, Cranberry, and Ultra vodkas. Otherwise, for more information on Jewel of Russia vodka, surf to



2 thoughts on “Jewel of Russia Classic Vodka

  1. What big lies from the manufacturers. All Russian wodka is made using column stills. During one pass in the column still alcohol gets evaporated and condensed 100’s times. Each even of evaproation and condensation is one distillation. You can only count distillations on the pot still without condensation plates. Nobody is using them for vodka. They are only used by some for cognac and whisky.

  2. alcoholreviews says:

    Hmmm, we can’t say we agree and we’re not sure why you pick on the Russians. Nearly all vodka is made with column stills, whether it is Russian, Swedish, French, American… Also, one pass through the column still is one distillation. Multiple runs through is multiple distillations. Some distillers buy distilled spirit from other distillers then distill it again before selling it as vodka. They too describe their vodka as distilled multiple times—which is true.

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