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Blue Ice Vodka

The first thing about Blue Ice (80 proof) that will grab you is the bottle: oblongish, icy blue tint, no paper label. Look upon it after it has sat in the freezer for a time and you’ll get the impression that it drifted from a glacier- frost coated and the back of the bottle has a hewn-from-ice texture.

Blue Ice is made in America, in Idaho, to be specific, from Russet potatoes. It’s four times distilled and a five-stage filtration process.  It costs only about $20 a bottle and what bang for the buck it provides! It’s extremely smooth, and when super chilled it offers a faint toffee note. As it warms it becomes sweeter, shows an almost charcoal like note, and generally becomes more fragrant. That said, it’s not as sweet and flavorful as some of the Polish vodkas (which can boom with nuts and toffee).  Thus, if you want smooth, easy vodka that still has a pleasant flavor, Blue Ice delivers (Rating****1/4).

To see if our retailer currently has this vodka, click SHOP FOR VODKA and type “Blue Ice” or “Vodka” or “Idaho” in the search engine and click the magnifying glass image. For further details or to see the cool packaging, surf to or contact the folks at 21st Century Spirits in Rigby, Idaho.


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