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Tanqueray Sterling Vodka

Desmond Begg once ballyhooed Tanqueray’s vodka as “a very superior vodka, packaged in a frosted bottle that exudes British understated elegance. Crystal-clear and absolutely clean on the nose without any hint of impurities. Slightly sweet and mellow and soft on the palate with outstanding smoothness coming from its third distillation.”

We wonder if Begg was a bit soused when he wrote that, or perhaps unfamiliar with really superb vodka.

Don’t get us wrong—Tanqueray Sterling Vodka (80 proof) is perfectly adequate. It costs between $18 and $25 for a fifth usually, and it shows a slightly sweet profile and a faint mocha note.  Compared with many other top vodkas, it is a demure spirit—the 100% grain neutral spirits within it perhaps accounting for the light flavor.  It is good for making vodka tonics and other cocktails that do not aim to show off a vodka’s intrinsic characteristics. (Rating ***)

Tanqueray Sterling Vodka is imported into the U.S.A. by Diageo of Norwalk, Connecticut. If you want to order a bottle online, our retailer tends to stock it.


18 thoughts on “Tanqueray Sterling Vodka

  1. Well I’ve been walking past this bottle on the shelf at the liquor shop lately and always paused thinking…. hmmmm, might be worth a try… then my senses would get the better of me and I’d walk out with a bottle of Tito’s or even Fris (if I was feeling cheap but didn’t want a hangover). Upon reading this it sounds as if that was the right decision after all… though certainly won’t pass up the chance to try a nip at a party if the opportunity presents 🙂

  2. Unless you are a vodka snob, Tangueray is a perfectly adequate vodka, similar in quality to Absolut or Stoli and a bit less expensive. No hangover effect or aftertaste like Smirnoff or lesser vodkas. The mild flavor is excellent for mixes.

  3. Jackson's vodka reviews says:

    Tanqueray’ s Sterling is superbly sublime and without a doubt one of the two finest vodka’ s available to the vodka connoisseur. This is no adequate vodka that needs to be mixed but rather it is an excellent one that should be sipped straight up and chilled. BTW, I have been drinking vodka’ s for over 40 years now and I can say that this set a new standard of excellence in 1989 that was unmatched until Belvedere came along in the 90’s.

  4. alcoholreviews says:

    I am glad you think well of it. It strikes us as upper middling. At $20 a bottle, it is very much worth it. AT $25, well….

  5. My favorite vodka is Absolute, but I think this matches it if not better. It’s smooth and mixes well with almost anything. I like to use the flavored sparkling waters. No hangover and no headache. So happy I found and tried this. At my ABC store it’s cheaper than absolute which is $22. I paid $15 for it I would expect to pay more though because it is so good even by itself. I would recommend.

  6. alcoholreviews says:

    Thanks for writing. $22 for Absolut and $15 for Tanqueray Sterling? Wow. What state?

  7. Just got this at my local liquor store for $12.99. Damn good deal, mixes well.
    Qualification- I’m an alcoholic.

  8. My goodness I’d be happy to find it in my area (SF Bay) for any price, but for $12.99? Well you’re a lucky man Pete and I must say I’m jealous.
    Looks like i’m stuck to finding it online.

  9. Richard Parker says:

    Excellent. Compares with Tito’s Absolute, etc.$18,99 for 1.5 liters in NH. Btw, Smirnoff is only good for windsheild washer fluid.

  10. its a great medium inexpensive Vodka ive been drinking it for 10 years +and Its not to smooth like titos,grey goose or belvedere and not to harsh like absolute or Amsterdam.But just right on the rocks and the pockets.Some like to compare it to absolute vodka but its no comparison.

  11. Teresa Robinson says:

    I have bring drinking Tangeray vodka for years, it’s the best!! i would say it’s up there with grey goose just not the price.. which makes it even better. My friends are starting to by it. I was hoping the company would advertise so people will know it’s out there. When people do look at the bottle they automatic assume it’s the Gin.
    My store has stop selling it so i plan to buy it my the case. it’s the only premium vodak i love and can afford ($40 for the 1.5L).

  12. My tastes run a bit particular. A local high-end, yet quality grocery store has had the ” T ” vodka on special at ” $8.95 “!!!(750 ml). I’ve have been buying two bottles at a time. Oh yes, the name of the store; “Sendiks” i n Mequon, WI.

  13. I have been drinking Tangeray for many years. To me this is the best value in the vodka market. Not as good as Grey Goose or Belvedere, but it is a lot less expensive. Runner up to Tangeray as far as quality and cost is Finlandia.

  14. @XHEMS This is hilarious. I was just at the Sendiks in Cedarburg, saw the brand and price and thought, “Hmmm this is too good to be true. I need to Google first.” I did end up buying it. Can’t wait to try it with my Easter brunch Bloody Mary!

    Small world! Cheers!!

  15. Victoria Shilling-Munford says:

    Tanqueray Sterling Vodka is my new fav. Ive tried them all and i love it. It is smoothe a delightful. I was an absolute girl until one day my husband brought this home. I love their gin too. I never knew they made a vodka…seriously..try it. It wont disappoint.

  16. @CeeBee3 and @XHEMS I picked up a bottle (750 ml) tonight at Otto’s in Brown Deer for $9.99 as a gift for my neighbor. Looks like I should have gotten an extra bottle for myself.

  17. Spuds MacKenzie says:

    Tanq is a good tasting vodka at $16.99 for 750ml in VA. My favorite is New Amsterdam, which has a nice tang without being harsh. Don’t like Smirnoff, Sobieski, Absolute, Tito’s or Cirac. Luksosowa and Svedka are pleasant and not expensive. Stoli is good but I prefer New Amsterdam. Gordon’s is not bad either and is only $10 for a fifth in VA. So long as a vodka is smooth, I suspect personal taste is the main variable. You may as well argue over rock bands.

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