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Vision Vodka

This wheat vodka is distilled in Cottage Grove, Oregon—by whom is not advertised on the bottle.  Could it be Side Pocket Corp?  Yep, we are told—although Side Pocket now is called Meyers Distilling & Beverage Company.  Ambition Beverages, meanwhile, owns the Vision brand.

Anyhoo, this is one of those vodas that we urge folks to try and to try it chilled and neat.  No mixers, no ice, just the vodka and your palate.

Take a small sip, let it roll about the inside of your mouth, and then swallow.  Guess what—no burn.  It closes slightly dry and gently.

Repeat this little exercise and you will detect this vodka’s slightly sweet flavor profile; you also will taste a bit of grain (perhaps the wheat used in it), a citrus note, and a mild mocha-like flavor.

And you thought vodka was flavorless!  (Rating ****1/4)

A liter of Vision Vodka (80 proof) retails for $30 to $35. You can read more about Vision Vodka at


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