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Bruichladdich Rocks Single Malt Scotch Whisky and Bruichladdich Video

Aaah, Bruichladdich—it will always hold a place in our hearts.

Years ago, we spent a week at the distillery.  It was Heavenly.  If you have not been to Islay, go.  It is something special.  Below you can peek at a video of the mashtun doing its work. It rather hypnotizing to watch it churn.

Anyhoo, we quite like this bottle of Bruichladdich Rocks. Unlike most Scotches, this single malt was made with barley that was mostly un-peated. So, it isn’t smoky.

Although it is 92 proof, and despite being named “Rocks” (suggesting that you must ice this whisky) you can sip this stuff straight from the bottle.  Not that we’re saying that’s the way to go….

It is a fruity, slightly earthy, medium rich whisky, and it is well worth the $50 we paid for it.  (Rating ****1/4)

You can nab a bottle from some online shops by surfing here.


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