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Cardhu Single Malt Scotch Whisky 12 Years Old

We often get asked a question that goes, roughly, like this: “So, I want to get my father-in-law/uncle/boss a nice bottle of Scotch.  He likes single malts, but I don’t know much else.  And I want it to be something that is about, well, not over $50.”

An easy response for us is, “Cardhu 12 Year Old.”  We’ve a few reasons for this.

For one, just look at the bottle.  When gift-giving, appearance usually matters, and Cardhu just oozes class.  The bottle for this Speyside malt has a fat wooden stopper and is pinched at the sides.

The price is also right—you can find a fifth of Cardhu in the United States for $40 to $50. (Our retailer sells it online for $49.99.)

And when gift-giving, there’s nothing wrong with handing over a well-known brand of whisky, like Johnnie Walker Black or Glenfiddich.  But we think it adds a little something if the recipient opens the package and says, “Aaah, well, now what’s this?”

Lastly, there is the taste. Cardhu (80 proof) is neither overwhelming nor wimpy.  It offers a perfumey nose, and flavors of honey, caramel, pear, and a little iodine and peat.  It can be enjoyed neat or with a little water or ice.  (Rating ****)

The holidays looms; so get shopping!


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