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Guinness Foreign Extra Stout

We long have been enamoured of Guinness Stout.  So soft and creamy it is… Why just the other day at lunch we had not one but two pints.  We could have gone for a third but did not care to spend the afternoon snoozing.

Our eyes popped a week ago when we heard that Guinness Foreign Extra Stout was hitting America’s shores.  It has not been here since Prohibition.  Two 11.2 ounce bottles arrived at Chez F. Sit Fitzgerald, and we quickly got them chilled.  The pour was impressive—it filled a pint glass by sporting a 2+ inch thick head that was a lovely, light black-brown color.

On first sip we liked what we tasted, but then we forced ourselves to wait.  By our estimate, you want to have this beer at 50 degree Fahrenheit.  Once the interminable period passed, we sipped again.  Whoa—it was raosty, way more potent than the standard Guinness.  We are not big fans of standard Guinness in bottles, but this is pretty good. (One cna only dream of how delicious it must be n tap!) It nicely blends both sweetness and bitterness, and its finish is long and tongue-smacking good.

Guinness Foreign Stout—welcome back to America.  (Rating ****1/4)


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