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Tamdhu 10 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky

The Speyside‘s Tamdhu Distillery has a rich history.  It was erected in 1896, but did not begin selling its whiskies as single malts until the 1970s.  The distillery has been opened and shuttered a few times, and in 2010 it was closed once again.

Tamdhu 10 Year is a bit of an odd duck.  The nose is quite engaging, showing raw honey and flowers, and very faint smoke.  In the mouth this viscous whisky is sweety, then grainy and salty, grainy, and a little bit sour.  The flavor starts at the front of the tongue, moves to the sides, then you get a puff of heat in the throat.   (See this handy tongue map to help you visualize this.)  For being only 80 proof, it is a bit hotter than it should be.

Unfortunately, adding a little water makes the malt go wobbly; the notes fade greatly.

We paid $22 for a fifth at Pearson’s in the northwest of Washington, DC, which is an amazingly low price for a single malt.  Online, Shopper’s Vineyard offers it for the same price.  (Our own retailer has carried it recently too.)

But, we are only mildly enthusiastic about it.  (Rating ***1/4)

(For a different opinion, see the rave review from 2005 posted here.)


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