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Blackstone Winemaker Select Zinfandel 2007


by Jacob

Like many large wineries, Blackstone Winery has different labels marketed at different price points.  Blackstone’s Winemaker Select sources grapes from multiple vineyards all over California, and its Sonoma Reserve uses grapes from Sonoma County.

When a sample of Blackstone Winemaker’s Select Zinfandel arrived, I thought it would be a good opportunity to retry a brand that I have not had in a number of years and to experience a new offering of a grape that I enjoy immensely.

A bright garnet color in the glass, this $12 Zinfandel has strong flavors of cherry and mild berries and a mild aroma of dark chocolate on the nose.  Served after a few minutes outside of the wine fridge, it has mellow flavors of berries and pit fruit.  What is noticeably missing is the spicy pepper note usually associated with Zinfandel.  This Blackstone Zinfandel offers only a hint of pepper to the back of the mouth.  By day three, the wine had deteriorated in the bottle and became undrinkable.  So, if you are doing to drink the bottle over several days, use a vacuum sealer to keep air out of the bottle.  (Rating ***)

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