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Fever-Tree Premium Mixers

We’ve all seen the Capital One credit card commercials where one character or another will ask, “What’s in yer wallet?”

Well, we at don’t much care what’s in your wallet, but we do think it’s worth asking, “What’s in your high ball?”

The simple fact that inferior mixers should be shunned seems so self evident; yet, how often have we been at a party or bar and seen a good drink ruined thus?

Sigh…. We ourselves had this obvious point impressed upon us perhaps a decade back when Talbert Communications of New York, New York invited us to sit for a blind tonic —yes, just tonic— tasting. We and the other professional tongues were taken aback at how different tonics tasted, and how lousy some big-selling brands were.

Well, some weeks back, Talbert decided to remind us of the importance of good mixers by sending us samples of some of the Fever-Tree mixers: tonic, ginger ale, bitter lemon, and club soda. Suffice to say, these fizzies were impressive. We made a gin and tonic with a common brand of tonic, then one with Fever-Tree. The difference was striking. The latter was more crisp and dry. Same goes with a scotch and soda. The drink made with the store brand was dull and had an almost greasy mouth-feel. The Scotch and Fever-Tree soda was superb. The ginger ale and bitter lemon were both delicious straight up (sans booze).

You can buy Fever-Tree mixers from Bevmo. For more details on Fever-Tree Premium Mixers, surf to


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