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Widmer Hefeweizen

“Uncompromised and unfiltered,” announces the label of this WIDMER wheat beer. Well, we’re all for that; we like honest hefeweizens. As readers may recall, we are rabid fans of SCHNEIDER WEISSE and its doppel-brother, AVENTINUS.

This brew was a disappointment. It looks good in the glass — pretty color, fat head. … But it delivers nearly nothing to the nose or palate — just a little yeast. Where are the clove, fruit, and banana notes? In the mouth it felt thin, and it closed with an odd, bitter, almost metallic flavor. Maybe we got a bad batch. (The labels on the bottles in this six-pack say they were bottled “040208”.) Toss in a lemon, and the taste improves, but only because it is lemony. Bummer. According to the folks at Widmer Brothers, this brew has won medals in years past. Go figure. (Rating **1/2)


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