Jameson Irish Whiskeys: Jameson Standard, Jameson 12-Year Old, Jameson 1780, and Jameson Gold Reserve Irish Whiskey

Jameson Gold Reserve Irish Whiskey

Often we are asked by whiskey virgins, “What whiskey should we  try?”

Irish is a fine place to start.  It usually is not very pricy, and Irish tends to be a gentle, approachable whiskey, unlike Scotch, which can overwhelm the unseasoned palate.

Twenty years ago, there were not a whole lot of Irish whiskeys available outside of Ireland and England. (Happily, times have changed.)  Back then, regular Bushmills and Jameson were usually all you could find.

Jameson is  a storied brand, but for a time it sort of fellow into a ho-hum rut.  It was fine to sip, but no great shakes.  The company did get its focus back, and these days Jameson is a brand worthy of attention.

The standard Jameson Irish whiskey  (80 proof) remains a solid drank (Rating ***1/2).

But Jameson 12-Year Old  (80 proof)  is significantly  better.  It is rounder, richer, and more nuanced.  (Rating ****)

Jameson 1780  (80 proof) is tricky to find these days. It is very different from the standard Jameson. It is sherry casked, which makes it a little less sweet. The sherry flavor comes through and this whiskey has a more oily texture. (Rating ****)

Then there is Jameson Gold (80 proof) –oh my.  This $70 or so a bottle Irish whiskey is delicious.  It is utterly silky in the mouth, and shows flavors of honey, barley, orange peel and more.  Wow. (Rating ****1/2)

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