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Harpoon Cider

A neighbor brought us four bottles of this—he and his wife had tried a couple and decided “it wasn’t for them.”  They are more J.K Scrumpy sorts of folks.

Everything about Harpoon Cider looks right—its pretty in a glass.  Its brown bottle is wrapped in a handsome and colorful label, with text on the back declaring, “What is craft cider? We wanted a cider that let freshly pressed apples speak for themselves. So we crafted one.”

Sadly, these apples apparently did not have much to say.

This cider is thin, rather flat, and utterly without nuance. It feels and tastes watered down.  Had we tasted this at a meeting of homebrewers, we’d have said, “Not bad. But what types of apples are you using?  And did you pitch Champagne yeast or something else?”

The lone merit of Harpoon Cider is that it isn’t a sugar-bomb.  Still, you won’t catch us buying it. (Rating **1/2)  And we’re not the only ones who were not much impressed.


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