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6/2011 Products We Sipped Then Dumped Down the Drain

Ursus Punch Vodka

Running is great—we  get to sample an unbelievable number of beverages, many of which are terrific.

But, there are those that are not so hot.  Usually, we just don’t review the duds.

And sometimes we encounter REALLY awful products.  We feel morally obliged to warn our readers about these wallet- and palate-wounders.

Ursus Punch Flavored Vodka (60 proof): This tastes like Hawaiian Punch mixed with booze.  It is sickly sweet.  The unnaturally optic red color says it all.

Three Wishes Wines

Jeremiah Weed Sweet Tea Vodka (70 proof): We imagine this would be a diabetic’s nightmare.  Caramel color is added to give the booze within a tea color, and heaps of sugar or somesuch sweetner are used to make this taste like an evil, ugly cousin of Lipton Iced Tea.

Byron Vineyards and Winery Pinot Noir 2009: This red wine stomped all over the front of our tongue and burned going down our gullet.  We paid $14.95 for this torment.

Concannon Central Coast Pinot Noir 2009: It wasn’t corked, it just wasn’t good.  It was $9 wine that tasted like $3 wine.

Three Wishes Merlot: Whole Foods peddled this California red wine for $2.99.  It was watery and acidic.  One sip made us wish we had never bothered with it.


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