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Anderson Valley Brewing Company Boont Amber Ale

by Jacob

Recently, I had the opportunity to try a beer from California that I was previously unfamiliar with. While shopping at Gilly’s Craft Beer and Fine Wine in Rockville (MD), I saw a can of Anderson Valley Brewing Company’s Boont Amber Ale sitting by itself in their refrigerator case. Premium canned beer fascinates me. The craft beer industry continues to produce more premium canned beer and they work hard to refute the stigma associated with cans (i.e., cheap beer).

The Boont Amber Ale is an easy drinking beer.  A cloudy amber color in the glass and appeared to be unfiltered (i.e., it was not crystal clear).  Malty with caramel flavors, the beer had a slight hoppy taste on the back of the palate.  (Rating ****)

Editor’s Note: Esquire also has written well of this beer, thus proving the veraciy of the Famous Jacob’s assessment.

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