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Ventura Limoncello Originale

Let’s be honest about a couple of facts.

First, come the hot days of summer, a chilled glass of Limoncello really hits the spot.

Second, there are more than a few cheap, gassy Limoncellos out there that taste terrible and are a blight on the name Limocello.

Ventura Limoncello, we are pleased to report, is very good Limoncello.

Ventura is decidedly small batch—-founder James Ventura told that his company produces just 100 to 200 cases per month.

Ventura Limoncello Originale comes in at a slightly immodest 58 proof, which means  a couple shooters will make you a little loopy.  But boy is it tasty, and the textures is positively silky.  With Ventura, there’s none of that saccharin sweetness; nor is there an after-scorch.   Mmmm…. Refreshing and relaxing.  (Rating ****)

Learn more at  Details on where to buy Ventura Limoncello may be found here.


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