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Yee Gods, more south of the border booze reviews? Has your dear reviewer, F. Sot Fitzgerald, morphed into Geoffrey Fermin or some such fiend? No, t’is merely a case of having many lovely tequila samples that seemed worth sampling… one night after another. CARMESI (also spelt “CARMESSI”) TEQUILA is churned out by the folks at SAN MATIAS, the same ones who do PUEBLO VIEJO. This silver tequila is very mild and, oddly, rather sweet. It finishes dry. Fascinating in its demure simplicity. Tequila novices should give this a whirl, as should tequila dipsomaniacs, er, afficionados. (Rating ****)

To see if our retailer can get you a bottle of CARMESI, click SHOP, and type “CARMESI” and click the magnifying glass. Otherwise, for more information, surf to the importer’s website at Absolutemente!


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