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Lagunitas Brewing Company Dogtown Pale Ale

Editor’s note: We’re republishing this review from April 2003 because the old copy still gets so much reader traffic.

We came across this one while in dodging junkies and snaggle-toothed street people in downtown San Francisco.

We paid $1.75 for a 12 ounce bottle. Lagunitas (that’s Lah-GOO-KNEE-tuss) is made in Petaluma, California. LBC’s IPA struck us as watery and not quite right, but this pale ale was quite good.

Pretty amber-copper color, a thin head…a nice easy ale that has good flavor, a nice balance between sweet malt and crisp hops, and a finish that bites but softly. Well done. (Rating: Very Good) For further info, contact Lagunitas at