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McPherson Tre Colore V. 2012


Wine from Texas—well, why not!

Our man, Famous Jacob, brought a bottle back after a recent jaunt south. We did not know what to expect.

We quaffed it while wolfing down a cheese sandwich—it was a decent light red wine that retails for $14. It is fruity and shows some black pepper. (Rating: Good)

Texas wine-making is a recent phenomenon, and McPherson Cellars is aiming high. This is no simple Merlot—rather, Tre Colore is blend of three Rhone varieties, Carignan (27%), Mourvedre (62%) and Viognier (11%).  Yes, that’s two reds and a white. Such a combination says to us that there is thinking behind the wine-making, and that we can expect to see Texas wines continue to improve.

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