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Ivanabitch Tobacco Vodka and Menthol Tobacco Vodka


Sweet Jesus.

We are gobsmacked.

When we shared word of these samples, the response was shock.

The packaging of the samples was certainly memorable—bottles packed with dried tobacco leaves. What a scent!

Our suspicions are that upon sipping this spirit we will end up having flashbacks of boozy, smoking, college girls we made out with.

But we will reserve judgment until we try Ivanabitch, which retails for an alarming $13 a bottle.

Update 1/1/2014: We cannot recall the last time we dumped a spirit down the drain. But after a sniff of each of these bottles, there was simply no way we could taste them. We are not anti-tobacco; we enjoy a good cigar or cigarette on occasion. But these tobacco-flavored vodkas just do not appeal.