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Port City Brewing Company’s Ales

by Jacob

Eating and drinking local products has become popular in recent years. In an effort to support some of our local producers, I recently sampled three beers from Port City Brewing Company, which is located in Alexandria, Virginia. Founded in 2011, Port City strives to “…be a reliable and innovative regional brewer of top quality beers that are delicious and well balanced, made from the finest ingredients available, and which celebrate their raw materials,” and currently makes four beers, a pale ale, a wit, an IPA, and a porter. Below are my reviews of all but the porter, which I have not yet tried.

Optimal Wit (5%) – Typical of many Belgian style white ales (which it is), the Optimal Wit is a cloudy golden color in the glass, has lemon notes on the nose, and tastes of banana and light orange. It is an effervescent beer that would be ideal to drink on a hot summer day (Rating ****).

Essential Pale Ale (5.5%) – Golden and almost pilsner looking in the glass, the Essential Pale Ale has an apricot and grain (hops) nose with mild hops and a slightly bitter and dry finish (Rating ****)

Monumental IPA (6.3%) – The Monumental IPA looks unfiltered and golden in the glass and has a hoppy, apricot and pit fruit nose. This is a very smooth beer that is not overhopped on first sip. Instead, the hops build on you and provide a nice and hoppy and dry finish. This was my favorite of the lot! (Rating ****1/2).

More information on Port City Brewing Company and how to visit it are available at:


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