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Plymouth Gin

Long time readers of will know they we are HUGE fans of Plymouth gin. In fact, it received our highest rating, a full 5 stars.

Anyway, we had long wondered why Plymouth, unlike so many gins, wasn’t bracing or edgy: it’s earthy and creamy. The answer apears to be the use of the botanical Orris. Sean Harrison, operations manager at Plymouth, along with Simon Ford and Nick Blackwell, was in New York City yesterday, and brought along a collection of the herbs used in Plymouth.  BOOM-once we sniffed the Orris it was utterly clear to us.

Hats off to Plymouth Gin, an ancient spirit that is unrivaled and that anyone with sense absolutely must taste. If you care to learn more about Plymouth Gin, see our review above or check out their spiffy website, where you can read about it, and the rich history behind it.


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