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10/2002 Carnevale Bauta Grappa Di Brunello (Principe Aldobrandini)

Grappa has long been thought of the poor man’s spirit. While the man of wealth got the wine fermented from the grapes, the peasant got the white liquor distilled from the left over grape skins.

No more. Superb grappas have crept into the market and Carnevala Bauta is one of them. This grappa isn’t made from just any old grape, it comes from the esteemed Brunello. Carnevala Bauta, packaged in a striking 375 ml bottle with two shot glasses tucked inside it (you have to see it to believe it), is delicious. The vegetal-stalky grappa flavor is present but so is the taste of Brunello fruit and something akin to baking spices. The finish is soft and dry, with no burn. Highly Recommended. (Rating ****1/4)

To see if our retailer currently has this grappa, click here and type “Carnevale” or “Grappa” in the search engine and click the magnifying glass image. If you can’t find it there, visit the importer Preiss Imports, and they will be glad to assist you.


1 thought on “10/2002 Carnevale Bauta Grappa Di Brunello (Principe Aldobrandini)

  1. Rodney Leon Jackson says:

    IS the Small Batch Boubon Collecton /how much is the case worth. I have been drinking Knob Creek for 20 years

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