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Santa Julia [+] Torrontes 2010

We long have been admirers of Santa Julia wines.  Some of our earliest published reviews were  of the Santa Julia standard line, the reserve, and the Familia Zuccardi Q line.  (You can see these reviews here.  The Zuccardi family owns Santa Julia.)  Without fail, the quality was good to high, and the price was right.

Here now is something new—the Santa Julia [+] wines.  The [+] line is Santa Julia’s “sustainable,” product line—in short, the production of the wine has been geared toward reducing some of the harmful impacts at viticulture can have on the environment. For example, the bottles used are a thinner and therefore require less glass.

We very much enjoyed the Torrontes.  So  many white wines are banal—pleasant but ultimately unmemorable drinks.  Cheap Pinot Grigio is the ultmate example of this.

Santa Julia [+] Torrontes, though, is robustly flavored.  It is a nice mixture of pleasant fruit notes (white peach, canteloupe) and intriguing herbal notes (chamomile or perhaps ginger?).  It retails for $9 or $10 (Rating ****)

You can read more of the Santa Julia wines at, and you can contact the U.S. importer at


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