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Ty Ku Sake

Boy, November has just begun and we have  tasted a surfeit of terrific beverages.

We do not receive many sake samples, alas, so we are always quite excited when one comes over the transom. Why?  Simple—because Sake is oh-so-good.

Ty Ku Sake (or is it TyKu or Ty-Ku?)  is a new entrant to the market, and man, oh, man, it is delicious.  This super premium Junmai sake (15% ABV) has a beautiful floral bouquet with a touch of sweetness to it.  In the mouth it is very smooth. (All too often, sakes found in the U.S. are either boozy or have odd, sometimes sour notes.)

Wow, this isn’t just a pretty bottle. (Rating ****1/2)

If you don’t believe our effusive praise for Ty Ku, have a peek at the review by the inestimable Christopher Carlsson of  He too ballyhoos the excellence of this drink.

Surf to for further details!


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