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N’ice Chouffe Limited Edition 2007

A few weeks back, we though spring had sprung and — THWAP! — we were hit with cold, wet weather.  That Mother Nature, she can be cruel.

While staggering about the local WHOLE FOODS grocery, we saw a 25.4 ounce, green bottle of N’ICE CHOUFFE LIMITED EDITION 2007 (10%ABV). “Ale brewed with spices (thyme and curacao peel)” — it sounded right for the weather, and it was. One bottle provided a lovely after dinner tipple for two of us. It was a dark, malty brew enlivened with light yeast, and almost berry- or grape-like flavors. Yummy, like the other CHOUFFEs that we have tasted. (Rating ****1/4)

Learn more about the CHOUFFE ales by surfing to To see if our retailer can get you a bottle of N’ICE CHOUFFE, click here.


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