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Stella Artois Lager

The first time we saw this beer — what was it, 10 years ago in New York City? — we scoffed at it, viewing it as a Belgian Budweiser. Back then, we just couldn’t see the sense in paying $4.50 (!) for a pint of it poured at a bar or $8.50 (!) for a six-pack. Recently, we revisited this brew. The weather was boiling, and we craved salty food and something cold and crisp. STELLA ARTOIS fit the bill. It is crisp, dry, and has a mild, bitter bite on the close. It paired well with French fries and with cheese burritos. STELLA cannot be mistaken for the more sophisticated beers that one usually associates with Belgium. However, STELLA hits the spot when the Mercury climbs above 80 degrees Fahrenheit. (Rating ***1/2)


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