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What are the best books on whiskey and whisky? asked me to identfy five —and only five— top notch books on whiskey and whisky.

It was not an easy task. Many splendid books have been written on whiskey and whisky. And audiences differ—a book that is good for an erudite malthead might be a bore to a novice. In this istance, I operated under the assumption that readers of likely were new to spirits, and therefore needed books that introduced them to the various types of whiskey: Bourbon, Irish, Rye, Scotch, etc. I also wanted these readers to see books of difering formats, from the encyclopedia-type to the tasting guide to the historical and essayistic.

In the end, I picked books by Clay Risen, Dave Broom, Sean Muldoon, Andrew Jefford, and Davin de Kergommeaux… See