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Lost Lantern Vatted Malt Whiskey Edition 1

Lost Lantern is a vatted malt whiskey. Made in America.

Whoa! Now that is a rare and wonderful thing. I’ve tasted my share of vatted whiskies, and I quite enjoyed them. But they all were from Scotland.

A vatted whiskey —for those of you who are not in the know— is a combination of single malts. They are not to be confused with blended whiskeys, which include neutral grain spirits.

This Lost Lantern whiskey is made from malts from six distilleries: Balcones (Waco, Texas), Copperworks (Seattle, Washington), Santa Fe Spirits (Santa Fe, New Mexico), Triple Eight (Nantucket, Massachusetts), Westward (Portland, Oregon), and Virginia Distillery Co. (Lovingston, Virginia). It is a robust 105 proof.

LL’s American Vatted Malt has a beautiful, copper color. Sip it straight or sprinkle a few drops of water in it. Sip it in tiny amounts, let it slide around inside your mouth, and enjoy the viscosity and the notes of honeysuckle, pear, toffee, and baking spices. (Rating: Excellent)

Only 3,000 bottles of this treasure were made. Get yours soon at And if you want to learn more about Lost Lantern, surf to