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Interesting News About the Flavored Liquor Craze

Chocolate cookie dough vodka. Source:
Chocolate cookie dough vodka. Source:

Are we done with stuff like Pinnacle Chocolate Cookie Dough Vodka?

The Wall Street Journal’s Saabira Chaudhuri has an engaging piece on drinks-makers’ flavored liquors and product-line extensions.

To flavor or not to flavor: That is the question for booze makers. Alcohol executives argue that flavored extensions of existing spirits brands can attract new customers—particularly women—while reviving interest among existing drinkers.

But flavors often tend to be fads, meaning sales plummet when customers tire of the new taste. That piles pressure on alcohol makers to continually discover the next big thing or brace for wild revenue swings. “If you overdo it, you get into dangerous territory. You’re a little bit like a hamster on a wheel who has to run faster and faster just to stay still,” said Bob Kunze-Concewitz, chief executive of Davide Campari-Milano SpA, which owns brands such as Campari liqueur and Skyy vodka.

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