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Old Weller Antique Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey 107 Proof

Old Weller Antique 107 ProofThis is a fine Bourbon, and a great Bourbon for the price. We picked a fifth of it up for a mere $24.

At 107 proof, this wheated Bourbon is not for the novice. It is 107 proof and intense. It does not aim for the sweet and gooey Bourbon profile.

In our experience, Old Weller Antique is best served neat, perhaps two ounces at a time, in a shot-type glass.  Add a few drops of water to cut the oomph.

This whiskey chows notes of caramel, burnt apple or apricot, mild vanilla, and barrel. (Rating Very Good)

Both and spoke well, but not fawningly, of it.

Old Weller is made by the ever-impressive Buffalo Trace Distillery of Frankfort, Kentucky.

You may shop for a bottle online here.



2 thoughts on “Old Weller Antique Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey 107 Proof

  1. Jim Malfregeot says:

    I bought a bottle of Old Weller, Original 107 Barrel Proof that was 7 summers old. That was 36 years ago so this unopened bottle I have is 43 years old. Is it worth anything?

  2. alcoholreviews says:

    Well, if the bottle is in good shape and if little to none of the spirit has evaporated, then, yes, certainly it would be of interest to a collector!

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