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Max McCalman’s Wine and Cheese Pairing Swatchbook

Max McCalman Wine and Cheese Pairing SwatchbookSo many drinks books, and so often they are not especially useful.

This, however, is a very useful pocketbook. In fact, it is utilitarian through and through.

Problem: You visit a market seeking wine and cheese, and you may have ideas about which wines or which cheeses to buy, but not which wine and cheese to but for pairing together. (E.g., sure, you may love Shiraz and love Camembert, but are they really right for one another?)

Max McCalman’s Wine+Cheese Pairing Swatchbook (Potter Style, 2013) offers a dizzying array of combinations that McCalman, a famed cheese hound, recommends.

You can peek at the inside of the book here, and also buy copies here.


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