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Wines We Have Enjoyed Recently

The passage of  the summer heat and humidity reinvigorated our palate’s taste for wine.  We have been drinking boradly of late, without focus on any particular grape, style, or nations.

Ecco Domani Moscato 2011: Ecco Domani is a mega-produced, bargain brand that can be found nearly anywhere in the United States. The price point (about $10), stylish packaging, good quality, and relentless advertising has helped Ecco Domani attain its ubiquity. This moscato was enjoyable—it was thick with peach and a little sweet. (Rating ***1/2) You may read more about this wine at

Gruet Brut Blanc De Noirs Sparkling Wine: We reviewed this wine four years ago. We really liked it then, and we still like it. Who knew New Mexico could produce such fine wine?!  It remains a great deal for $15. For further details, surf to

Chrysalis Vineyards Estate Bottled Norton 2006: We bought this for $23 a couple years ago after reading Todd Kliman’s The Wild Vine, which tells the story of the Norton grape and Chrysalis Vineyards.  (Listen to our interview with Todd here.)  Some of the Norton wine peddled in middle america for $10 is cheap, thin, grapey stuff. Not this one. It is an inky deep, robust wine with a slight musk to it.  We enjoyed this with our Thanksgiving turkey, with which it paired marvelously. (Rating ****1/2) You can learn more about Chrysalis wines at

You may shop for these all of these wines at our preferred retailer.


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