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Benromach Single Malt Scotch Whiskies


Just a  few single malt Scotch whiskies get the lion’s share of popular attention in the U.S.—Glenlivet, Glenfidditch, Macallan can be found in nearly any bar. But there is more to the whisky world than these are mega-brands.

Take Benromach, for example. This Speyside distillery is a pipsqueak compared to, say, Glenlivet.  But it produces a broad range of whiskies—its webpage currently lists 29 different offerings:

We tried two of these, and liked them both.

Benromach Traditional (80 proof): This straw-colored whisky screams Speyside. It’s mild and show notes of honey and light peat. A chocolate note lurks in the background. Tasty, and very easy to sip neat. (Rating ****) You can read more here.

Benromach Organic (86 proof): This organic whisky is much more robust than Benromach Traditional. It is twice as dark, and it has an upfront toffee flavor, with grassy and mild vanilla flavors playing second fiddle.  There’s a nice dollop of honey on the close. This too tastes very good neat. (Rating ****1/2) You can read more here.

We are glad to meet the acquaintance of Benromach, and we hope to see more of it here in the States.  Meanwhile, you may check to see if our preferred retailer can sell you a bottle.


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