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Johnnie Walker Swing Blended Scotch Whisky

Ah, the folks at Johnnie Walker sure know how to sling it:

“Johnnie Walker Swing was originally created by Sir Alexander Walker, Master Blender par excellence and grandson of John Walker, during the golden age of travel in 1932. On transatlantic voyages, barmen desperately stowed loose bottles onto racks to prevent breakages caused by the unrelenting pitch and roll of stormy weather on the high seas.  But one bottle rode the ocean waves like the most experienced of sailors, swinging elegantly back and forth and — in keeping with the Johnnie Walker philosophy — never losing its balance. Its unique glass decanter allows it to swing to and fro on a convex base. And cradled within this bottle lay a blend of Scotch whisky with a light yet luxurious depth of flavor.” Somehwhat ludicrously the reader is further told, “Ideally, Swing is served on the rocks, neat or diluted with water.”  Ice, no ice, with water—whatever.   And we thought an item could have at moest one ideal!

Mmmmm-hmm.  This duty-free product is a little odd—had we tasted it blind we would not haev thought it was Johnnie Walker.  It is oily, tasted of burnt pear, gran, and seaweed.  It is almost sour.  Will we drink it if we are on a crusie ship and that what is there—certainly.  Will we seek it out?  Not bloody likely. (Rating ***)


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  1. Stick to local micro-brews. You’re going to be moving to my regoin soon, so I can recommend a few that are, I believe anyway, at least as good if not better than Guiness: 8 Ball Stout, brewed by Lost Coast Brewery (Eureka CA), Eel River Porter, brewed by Eel River Brewing Co (Scotia CA) and Nitro Stout, brewed by Standing Stone Brewing Co (Ashland OR).

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