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Cadenhead’s Campbeltown Malt Single Malt Scotch Whisky

A fine friend brought us a 20 cl bottle of this single malt.  It is a purple label that is dated September 26, 2010, and it is 55.6% alcohol (111.2 proof).  (Here you may see a picture of the various colored 20 cl bottles taken by some chap we do not know.)

We have been enjoying this whisky in truly wee drams for months and this is the last of it, alas.

This is either a Springbank, Glen Gylem, or Glen Scotia, seeing as those are the only three distilleries operating in Campbeltown.  Our bet is Springbank—this is a lovely malt, thick with peat, salt, and sweet barley… (Rating ****1/2)  Oh, we wish we were visiting a Cadenhead shoppe right this moment so we could acquire more malts like this one!

But we are not.  So farewell, fair malt—t’was nice to have met you.



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