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Martin Miller’s Reformed London Dry Gin and Reformed London Dry Gin Westbourne Strength

Editor’s note: We’re republishing this review from May 2006 as part of a reorganization of the site’s content.

New gins on the market- hoorah! Compared to vodka, gins are so few! So, here we have two gins by Martin Miller. Now, how’s this for multiculturalism: Martin Miller’s gins are distilled in London, blended and bottled in Iceland, and imported to the USA by Cantina Italiana LLC of Hollywood, Florida.  It reminds us of that old song line, “I met a German girl in England who was going to school in France…”

So, the first of these two gins is 80 proof, the second (the Westbourne Strength) is 90.4 proof. In the former version, the citrus note outshines the juniper one, and it’s hard to detect the other botanicals.  On the whole, this gin is quite soft.  One wonders if this is an effort to do what Baffert and Reval tried to do—produce a gin that would appeal to the vodka lover.  Regardless, this is clearly gin, and is enjoyable. (Rating ****)

The Westbourne Strength version is much the same, only the extra alcohol actually makes it taste better.  It has more crackle to it, a characteristic that gin lovers seek. (Rating ****1/2)

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1 thought on “Martin Miller’s Reformed London Dry Gin and Reformed London Dry Gin Westbourne Strength

  1. Matthew, totally agree with your sumramy of Martin Miller. I have not seen Martin for years and doubt he would even know who I am if I did see him again. However, I do remember him as a flamboyant, charming and generous host. We need more characters like Martin.

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