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Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey Whiskey Liqueur

We are way overdue to review this new release.

When the bottle arrived some months ago we thought, “Oh great—Jack has come out with its own version of Southern Comfort.  Blech.”

Per the instructions that came with it, we popped it in the freezer reluctantly and forgot about it for some days.

When we finally got up the gumption to try a slug, we were quite surprised.  Jack Daniel’s Honey is not saccharine sweet or boozy.  Not even when it is served at room temperature.

Although it is an obvious choice for hot toddies, this whiskey liqueur is a treat to sip neat.  It offers butterscotch, honey, floral, and that unmistakable Jack Daniel’s flavor.  At $20-$24  bottle retail, it is bound to please many.  (Rating ****)

Plenty of retailers sell it both at brick and mortar shops and online.