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Chateau Les Arromans Entre-Deux-Mers White Bordeaux 2010

by Jacob

If you read most wine books, the author almost always begins by telling a story about the first time they tasted “real” wine and realized it was more than the Boone’s Farm or white zinfandel most college students come in contact with.  If you look closely at those stories, almost all are about a French wine, often Bordeaux.

For whatever reason, my experience with wine has been opposite those of other wine writers.  I discovered “fine” wine in California, and I have been a big supporter of domestic wine ever since.  Needless to say, I do not have a lot of experience with French wine, but I am working to change that.

While I slowly work my way through traditional Red Bordeaux and Burgandy, when it is as hot as it has been in the Washington, DC area, sometimes a white wine hits the spot. To that end, I bought a white Bordeaux at Rodman’s in DC a few weeks ago for $10.99.

The 2010 Chateau Les Arromans Entre-Deux-Mers is a traditional white wine from the Entre-Deux-Mers “section” of Bordeaux.  Made of 50% Sauvignon Blanc and 50% Semillion, it has classic Sauvignon Blanc notes of lemon peel and earthiness on the nose. In the glass, it has hints of grass (another traditional Sauvignon Blanc feature) with citrus notes and a sweet finish.  Oddly, this wine appeared to be slightly effervescent and had sediment in the bottle, a feature normally associated with older red wines.  At 12.5% alcohol, it is a good bargain and easy to drink.  (Rating ****)


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