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National Vodka

Well, it has been a while since we encountered an unfamiliar Russian vodka.  National Vodka? We just do not recall seeing it previously, though we are woefully overdue for a visit to Russia.

National Vodka (80 proof) is an impressive spirit. Sure, you can make cocktails from it, but we think you should try it freezer-chilled and neat.

National Vodka is a robustly flavored vodka, the antithesis of, say, Ketel One, which is virtually flavorless.  National shows notes of grain, citrus, and black pepper.

And here is the real eye-popper: National Vodka retails for about $14 a bottle. Yes, you read that correctly.  So stock up!(Rating ****1/2)

National also comes in flavored varieties, including Citru, Horseradish (Bloody Mary’s anyone?), and “Pepparo” (hot pepper).

National Vodka is imported by Rus Beverage of Horsham, Pennsylvania: . To learn more about National Vodka, surf to  To learn where you can purchase National Vodka, click



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