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Becherovka Original Liqueur

It has been a while since we encountered a liqueur that makes us think, “We need to keep this in stock.”

Such is the case with Becherovka ($25 retail), a bitter, herbal liqueur from the Czech Republic.

It is like no liqueur we have ever tasted. Wave the bottle under your nose and you’ll find your palate flooded.  A clove note predominates, with orange peel and ginger playing second fiddle.

Becherovka is 76 proof. It  can be chilled in the freezer and taken neat as a post-meal tipple (digestif). With the hot weather upon us, however, we have really enjoyed pouring a shot in a  highball glass, dropping in four or five ice cubs, and filling it with tonic water. This Becherovka and Tonic Highball is astonishingly crisp and refreshing.  (Rating ****1/2)

For further details, surf to To get you hands on a bottle, contact out retailer or try one of these online sellers.




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