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Redemption Rye and Redemption High Rye Bourbon

Aren’t these lovely looking bottles?  So elegant in their simplicity.

But, of course, what’s in the bottle is what counts, and we are pleased with both of these Indiana whiskeys.

When we threw a little party to celebrate the publication of Whiskey: A Global History, we served Redemption Rye.  Many of the attendees had never tried rye, so we poured it on the rocks.  Folks loved it–and they were delighted to learn they could get a bottle for about $25.  This 92 proof young rye is aged at least two years and shows its spirit—the herbal rye flavor is intense, and its definitely a little warm on the throat.  Mmmm… (Rating ****)

Most Bourbons tend to be made with a great deal of corn—up to 80%, which is the maximum allowed by law. Not this one.  Redemption High Rye Bourbon is 60% corn, 38.2% rye, and 1.8% barley.  This makes this 92 proof whiskey less sweet than many Bourbons—the corn is there, but the rye adds a minty taste.  Well done.  (Rating ****)

You can read a little more about Redemption whiskeys at



1 thought on “Redemption Rye and Redemption High Rye Bourbon

  1. redemption rye batch 249 tastes like they charred moldy barrels or burned Spanish moss in the charring process . the finish is not smooth or nice its very musty. its not a worthy sipping rye.
    I had a bottle of batch 231 it was very clean smooth and left you wanting more . I always drink my whiskeys on the rocks with a splash of bottled water.

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